A couple hours ago Betty Carr’s husband William was diagnosed with brain tumors with only two weeks to live.  She feels helpless and devastated with a range of emotions, is on the brink of a nervous breakdown!  Betty has always been the rock of the family, but is now crumbling.  Betty is going out her mind trying to cope with fact she is losing her husband and best friend for over 30 years.   She is frantic and calls her sisters Kelley, Sabrina and Felicia who can’t stand each other, who can quickly turn a calm situation very hostile and has been known to tear up a few rooms.

Single Married Divorced Soundtrack

SMD Soundtrack provides a stage for your ears to witness musical talent at it’s best.  “Celebration of life” instrumental is one example how Dream Xcitement displays greatness in everything we do.  Single Married Divorce sound track coming Summer of 2017.

Celebration of Life

Single - Married - Divorced OST